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Challenges Facing the Botanical Drug Industry

Large international pharmaceutical companies have not yet entered the space of botanical drug.

​Herbal manufactures have products that have been used on markets outside the US for a long time and there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate safety and efficacy, but those herbal manufactures are small and lack funding.

A collective funding mechanism for botanical product development is a solution to the dilemma.


The "Botanical Drug International Fund", BDIF, serves as the engine to advance research, product development, clinical development, and commercialization of botanical drugs.


With close connections with herbal manufactures worldwide and access to thousands of herbal formulas indicated for many diseases, like cancers, diabetics, and MRSA, ABDA is a platform for all players to work together.

Collectively, the Fund engages scientists and experts and outreaches herbal manufactures for existing promising botanical products, or develops own new botanical products. Fund investors are presented with opportunities and are free to decide for each product investment. Investors have seats on the Board of the Fund.


Collective Efforts

With access to multiple large databases covering traditional herbal medicines, connection to many herbal manufacturers around the world, and collaboration with research laboratories in the US, China, Canada, India, Germany, and France, ABDA is capable of, on behalf of the Fund, identifying safe and effective botanical products suitable for FDA botanical drug investigational new drug applications.

Through the mechanism of this Fund, we work together and bring all parties in the complex drug development process together to turn ideas to reality. By joining the Fund, we share the common purpose of bettering lives on earth.