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Adhesive Rehmannia Cocked Root
English Name
Rehmannia glutinosa [Syn. Rehmannia glutinosa f. huechingensis]
Latin Name
steamed and sundried root
Plant Part
Traditional Use
To supplement blood and enrich yin, boost essence and replenish marrow.
Potential Indication
Blood vacuity with yellow complexion, dizziness and palpitation, menstrual disorder [=menoxenia], incessant flooding and spotting, liver-kidney yin depletion, tidal fever with night sweat, impotence and emission, sterility and infertility, limp aching lumbus and knees, tinnitus and deafness, dizzy head and vision, premature graying in beard and hair, diabetes mellitus, constipation, kidney vacuity hasty asthma.
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