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Adhesive Rehmannia Fresh Root
English Name
Rehmannia glutinosa [Syn. Rehmannia glutinosa f. huechingensis]
Latin Name
fresh root
Plant Part
Traditional Use
To clear heat and cool blood, engender liquid and moisten dryness, lower blood sugar levels.
Potential Indication
Diabetes mellitus, dermatitis, rheumatism, diphtheria, acute tonsillitis, acute febrile diseases, ardent fever with clouded spirit, macula, fluid damage with vexation and thirst, blood ejection due to blood heat, spontaneous external bleeding due to blood heat, flooding and spotting due to blood heat, hematochezia due to blood heat, mouth and tongue sores, swelling pain in throat, taxation fever cough, painful wound from knocks and falls, swollen welling abscess.
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