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Calcined Alum
English Name
Alumen Preparata
Latin Name
Plant Part
Traditional Use
External use for eczema, scabies, otits media with purulent discaharge, internal use for chronic diarrhea, hematochezia, abnormal uterine bleeding, epilepsy and mania.ALUMEN (CALCINED) - Eczema, discharge from ulcers otitis media with purulent discharge, excessive leukorrhea with pudendal itching, bleeding from the nose or gums, nasal polyp.
Potential Indication
1. To astringe the intestine and relieve diarrhea (for prolonged diarrhea, used with Fructus Chebulae together). 2. To astringe and stop bleeding, hemoptysis and bleeding from the gum (both internal and external use). 3. To reduce exudation, relieve itching, clear toxic material and kill parasite: For burn, mixed with Borneolum Syntheticum and water for topical use; for skin infection, mixed with Realgar and tea for local application; for scabies and tinea, used together with Sulfur and Borneolum Syntheticum; for aphthae and suppurative ostitis media, used together with Borneolum Syntheticum and Borax, for eczema, 1% Alumen solution used as local compress. 4. To expel wind and eliminate phlegm: For apoplexy and epilepsy, used with Radix Curcumae together. In addation, also used hyperlipemia. Topical injection for mixture of 3-10% Alumen solution and 2% novocain may be used for prolapse of rectum, prolapse of uterus and hemorrhoids.
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