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Chinese Ephedra Equivalent plant: Ephedra equisetina , Ephedra intermedia , Ephedra minuta , Ephedra monosperma, Ephedra likiangensis, Ephedra saxatilis, Ephedra gerardiana
English Name
Ephedra sinica
Latin Name
herbaceous twigs
Plant Part
Traditional Use
To effuse sweat and resolve exterior, diffuse lung and calm asthma, disinhibit water and disperse edema.
Potential Indication
Wind-cold exterior repletion syndrome, headache without sweating, headache and generalized pain, cough, fever, fever and aversion to wind, absence of sweating, congesting lung, non-diffusion of lung qi, cough and asthma, bronchial asthma, wind water edema, nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis, inhibited urination, wind-damp impediment pain, muscle numbness, wind papule itching, yin flat abscess and phlegm node.
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