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Chinese Thorowax Equivalent plant: Bupleurum scorzonerifolium, Bupleurum smithii var parvifolium , Bupleurum aureum, Bupleurum longiradiatum, Bupleurum marginatum , Bupleurum marginatum var stenophyllum, Bupleurum angustissimum, Bupleurum chaishoui, Bupleurum wenchuanense , Bupleurum sibiricum, Bupleurum yinchowense
English Name
Bupleurum chinense
Latin Name
Plant Part
Traditional Use
To harmonize exterior and interior, soothe liver and upbear yang.
Potential Indication
Common cold, influenza, malaria, acute pancreatitis, pleuritis, neuritis, gastritis, acute cholecystitis, hepatitis, fever due to external contraction, keratitis, cold-heat in turn, liver depression and rib-side pain, mammary distention, dizziness and headache, menstrual disorder, prolapse of rectum due to qi vacuity fall, prolapse of uterus, gastroptosis.
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