ABDA Collaborates with Botanical Research Institutes around the World for Botanical Drug Development

Using currently available modern scientific data, existing evidence of efficacy on markets outsides the US, ABDA is seeking partnership with botanical research institutes around the world for the purpose of botanical drug development:

ABDA and Research Institutes to select promising herbal formulas in areas of oncology and diabetics

Research Institutes to produce in vitro, in vivo, PK, and HPLC data for drug products

ABDA develop FDA botanical drug IND regulatory documents

After a herbal formula has obtained FDA IND#, ABDA and Research Institutes will work together to fund the clinical trials. We may out license drug products after successful phase 1 trail to big pharma.

All involved parties share product equity.

Interested parties, please reach out to us at: https://www.botanicaldrug.org/contact