American Botanical Drug Association Regional Development Center - Yunan

Yunnan is a region rich in plant resources in China and has great potential in the scientific research and international promotion of botanicals. After many rounds of consultations, the American Botanical Drug Association and Yunnan University signed a framework agreement for the establishment of the "China-US International Botanical Drug Development Center Yunnan" in January 2020. The Yunnan Center is headed by Dr. Luo Xiaodong, Dean of the School of Pharmacy of Yunnan University (part-time professor at the Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences) (also concurrently executive vice president of the American Botanical Association). The Yunnan Center will rely on the scientific research platform and strength of the School of Chemical Science and Engineering of Yunnan University and the School of Pharmacy, integrating American botanical science experts and scientists and engineers in the field of botanical medicine research at home and abroad to carry out scientific research work for the product research and development of botanical companies in our province And provide support for international promotion. The Yunnan Center will work with other regional centers to form a platform for scientific research and international promotion of botanicals to share resources, technology and experience, so as to improve the quality of talent training and the level of the school’s services to the local economy and society, and strive to build the Yunnan Center into Yunnan and surrounding areas The support point for the international development of botanicals.