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Botanical Product with direct Antibacterial and Antifungal Effects


A multi-herb product, 100% owned by a US herbal manufacture


Currently as a dietary supplement in the form of tea bags. Further formulation development is needed.


direct antibacterial and anti-fungal effects

Potential Indications

  • cream formulation for skin infection

  • inhaling formulation for lung infection

  • capsule formulation for internal infection

  • liquid formulation for other types of infection


Dietary supplement marketed in the US and in China since 2002. Great safety profile and promising efficacy data and empirical experience


Offering product equity to exchange for investment for preclinical data generation and FDA pre-IND filing. Product#103.

Multiple real-world use cases. The dramatic case that was also documented and validated by ABDA is the one showing below:

  • skin wound from a sport injury infection from 3 years ago. The wound is the center dark scar but the surrounding skin is healthy and clean

  • At the initial stage of the treatment, the treatment seemed to "awaken" the infection. Previously health skin sounding the center wound seemed to get infected as well. We hypothesized that somehow the anti-infection effect stimulated the old wound and germs inside the old wound started some "emergent reaction" to survive and tried to spread around.

  • However, persistent applying the tea drink to wash the old wound and the newly infected skin area lead to gradual healing. The sounding infected skin turning healthy again, and the center wound shank.

  • At day-30, the would completed healed.

  • The wound never comes back since.

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