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Dr Boulet as representative of Canada within the American Botanical Drug Association

QUEBEC CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Devonian Health Group Inc. (“Devonian” or the “Corporation”) (TSXv: GSD), a clinical stage botanical pharmaceutical corporation, focused on developing a unique portfolio of botanical pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products, announced today the nomination of Dr Andre P. Boulet, PhD, as representative of Canada within the American Botanical Drug Association (ABDA).

“I am honored to join the American Botanical Drug Association. Until 2018, the US-FDA has received over 800 botanical investigational new drug applications (IND)1. It can be anticipated that, in coming years, more Botanical Drugs will be approved in the USA with collateral benefits for Canadians patients. I look forward to contributing to ABDA and to the Botanical Drug field,” said Dr Boulet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Devonian.

"Dr. Boulet is a pioneer in botanical drug field. His vision about the botanical drug industry goes back to year 2007 when the US FDA botanical drug guidance was rarely known by pharmaceutical professionals. Over the years, Dr. Boulet has put his vision to action and developed a leading botanical drug corporation in Canada. We (ABDA) recognize his contribution and his leadership and we are delighted to have him join us to develop this emerging industry," said Dr Roger Luo, PhD, Chairman of the American Botanical Drug Association.


About the American Botanical Drug Association (ABDA).

American Botanical Drug Association is an industry trade organization for worldwide herbal manufactures and companies, with a mission to:

  • Increase public awareness of botanical drugs

  • Increase options in the healthcare system

  • Facilitate healthcare policy formation

  • Serve as a platform for dialogues and collaboration among government agencies, private enteritis, and academics, by means of conferences and meetings

  • Promote collaboration between the pharmaceutical industry and the botanical and herbal industry

  • Establish international standards for botanical drugs and its medical usage

ABDA collaborates with research institutes and companies to develop safe and efficacious herbal medicine to US prescription botanical drugs through US FDA botanical Drug Development Guidance for Industry. ABDA has built significant influence in the field of botanical drug industry not only in the US, but also in areas with rich botanical resources like Asia. ABDA is expanding to South America, Africa and Europe.

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About Devonian

Devonian Health Group Inc. is a late stage botanical pharmaceutical corporation with novel therapeutic approaches to targeting unmet medical needs. Devonian's core strategy is to develop prescription botanical drugs from plant materials and algae for the treatment of inflammatory-autoimmune diseases including but not limited to ulcerative colitis and atopic dermatitis. Based on a foundation of over 15 years of research, Devonian’s focus is further supported by a US-FDA set of regulatory guidelines favouring a more efficient drug development pathway for prescription botanical drug products over those of traditional prescription medicines. Devonian is also involved in the development of high-value cosmeceutical products leveraging the same proprietary approach employed with their pharmaceutical offerings. Devonian Health Group Inc. was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in Québec, Canada where it owns a state-of-the art extraction facility with full traceability ‘from the seed to the pill’. Acquired in 2018, Altius Healthcare Inc., its commercialization partner, brings opportunities for further diversification and growth potential. Devonian is traded publicly on the TSXV Exchange (TSXv:GSD).


  1. Wu C., Lee S-L, Taylo, C. rt al. Scientific and Regulatory Approach to Botanical Drug development : A U.S. FDA Perspective, J. Nat. Prod. 2020, 83, 552-562


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