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How is my donation used?

The IFBD makes significant investments in research, advocacy, and patient support, including information and education on treatment options. A portion of our resources is used to fund our management, plus general and fundraising expenses.

Are donations made to International Fund for Botanical Drugs tax deductible?

Yes, monetary donations to our organization are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law. However, certain donations in which the donor receives a good or service in return for a donation are not tax-deductible.

Donors should consult with their tax advisor if they have questions about their deductions.

Can I donate in honor or memory of someone?

It’s easy to celebrate the life of a friend or a loved one by donating to the International Fund for Botanical Drugs in their honor or memory. Simply select the checkbox to dedicate your donation and complete the dedication information on the donation form. Once you’ve completed the donation, you will have the opportunity to send a card to the honoree or family acknowledging your gift.

Why should I donate monthly?

Monthly giving to the International Fund for Botanical Drugs is simply the best investment you can make to help expand patient treatment options. It’s the most effective and manageable way to support our efforts.

Does the International Fund for Botanical Drugs have a matching gift program?

Yes, we do have an employer matching gift program. Please check with your employer to determine if your gift is eligible to be matched.

What is your refund policy?

Please contact us within 30 days from the date of your donation if you identify an error in the amount of your payment or to report unauthorized use of your credit or debit card.

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