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International Fund for Botanical Drugs

The International Fund for Botanical Drugs accepts donations to support the execution of research and development herbal medicines across the disease spectrum.

With close connections with herbal manufactures worldwide and access to thousands of herbal formulas indicated for many diseases, like cancers, diabetics, and MRSA, ABDA is a platform for all players to work together.

Collectively, the Fund engages scientists and experts and outreaches herbal manufactures for existing promising botanical products. The Fund will then support the botanical drug pre-clinical and clinical development.

In collaboration with research laboratories and institutions in the US, China, Canada, India, Germany, France, and Australia, the Fund identifies safe and effective botanical products suitable for FDA botanical drug investigational new drug development.

You can choose many projects or disease areas on this platform. Through the mechanism of this Fund, we work together and bring all parties in the complex drug development process to turn ideas to reality. By donating to the Fund, you support the common purpose of bettering lives on earth.


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