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Japan Group to Study Effects of Herbal Medicine for COVID-19

Tokyo, May 10 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Society for Oriental Medicine is set to study whether and how ethical herbal medicines and antipyretics given to novel coronavirus patients for symptomatic treatment have led to worsening in their conditions.

The organization asked medical institutions in the country to provide data, including details of the drugs prescribed to patients and suspected patients of the COVID-19 disease from the virus to contain their fevers or coughs, developments of their symptoms in the 14 days since the start of treatment and whether their symptoms worsened or not.

The group hopes to collect data on about 1,000 cases and analyze the data using a statistical method.

Some herbal medicines prescribed for cold symptoms have been reported to have anti-inflammation, antiviral and immunoregulatory effects, and they may be effective to a certain extent for COVID-19, said Shin Takayama, associate professor at Tohoku University Hospital's herbal medicine department, which serves as the secretariat for the study by the oriental medicine society.

Takayama called on people seeking the prescription of herbal medicines to use them after consultations with doctors and pharmacists.

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