ABDA appoints Maha Haq, Founder of Cannaclub University and CREA, as Program Director

The American Botanical Drug Association (ABDA) has appointed Maha Haq as the Program Director of Community & Education. Maha will be leading initiatives pertaining to public affairs, social responsibility, and educational development to inform on the process of botanical drug research and development. She will organize workshops, trainings, and seminars on drug fundamentals and applications with a particular focus on cannabis sciences and regulations. She will also cover topics on the intersections of healthcare practices and botanical drugs utilized in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda for therapeutic use.

Maha is CEO of Cultivating Research, Education, & Advocacy (CREA) and President of Cannaclub University, two collegiate organizations focused on legal drug education, advocacy, and professional opportunities for the next generation. Maha’s mission with each organization is to empower students and scholars interested in cannabis and botanical drug industries while aiming to destigmatize through education and advocacy in order to make a positive impact on society.

Maha is currently finishing her M.S. in Pharmacological Sciences, concentrating on Medical Cannabis Sciences and Therapeutics, at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy—the United States’ first graduate program dedicated to studying cannabis. She received her undergraduate in Sociology and Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she first founded the student group, Cannaclub at UCLA. Under Maha’s leadership, Cannaclub expanded to 20 universities across the United States with over 5,500 members.

ABDA recognizes Maha's accomplishments in leadership and community organizing. Maha is an addition to ABDA's cross-continental network of scholars and subject-matter experts dedicated to the development of safe botanical drugs and preserving evidence-based, cultural medicine. We look forward to her contributions to our association.

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