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Protective effects of Gastrodia elata Bl. decoction andGastrodin on Acrylamide-induced DNA damage

Acrylamide (AA) is ubiquitous in packaging materials, paints, cosmetics, food and drinking water. However, AA has obvious neurotoxicity, reproductive toxicity and carcinogenicity, which seriously endangers human health. As one of precious traditional Chinese medicines, Gastrodia elata Bl. has been mainly used to lower blood pressure and resist myocardial ischemia. However, the antioxidant activity of Gastrodia elata Bl. on AA-induced DNA damage has not been reported. We found that AA (25, 30 and 50 mg/kg) could cause DNA damage and the damage was time/dose dependent. After AA administration, Tail moment, micronuclei formation rate, 8-OHdG and MDA level were significantly increased and SOD activity was decreased. Gastrodia elata Bl. decoction, gastrodin and vitamin C could reduce AA-induced DNA damage by decreasing AA-induced increment of tail moment and micronuclei formation rate. What’s more, Gastrodia elata Bl. decoction, gastrodin and vitamin C could lower 8-OHdG and MDA level and improve SOD activity. In conclusion, our research showed that Gastrodia elata Bl. decoction and gastrodin had protective effects on AA-induced DNA damage, and the potential protective mechanism might be related to anti-oxidative stress.

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