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Regulatory Toxicology Perspectives on the Development of Botanical Drug Products in the US


Toxicological studies constitute an essential part of the effort in developing a botanical supplement into a drug product. The US Food and Drug Administration recently published a draft guidance and established a special botanical review team to assist academic and industry sponsors to manage this and other regulatory considerations related to this unique group of drug products. In this article, the current state of regulatory viewpoints on issues related to requirements and recommendations of various types of nonclinical toxicity studies in support of advanced phases clinical trials and filing a New Drug Application of a botanical are discussed. Topics include nonclinical pharmacology/toxicology view of previous human experience and initial clinical trial, regulatory perspectives on acute toxicity studies, chronic toxicity studies, mutagenicity studies, reproductive toxicity studies, and carcinogenicity studies on botanicals. Certain regulatory review–related issues are also presented. It is anticipated that through a proactive 2-way communication between the Agency and the sponsor, toxicological development of botanical drug product can be significantly facilitated.

Source: American Journal of Therapeutics: May-June 2004 - Volume 11 - Issue 3 - p 213-217

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