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Space No. 1 industrial hemp seeds land --a new era of industrial hemp

Beijing--(ABDA)--Space No. 1 Industrial Cannabis Seeds is a hybrid seed selected from domestic wild cannabis varieties and industrial cannabis varieties of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences. After layer-by-layer screening and improvement, new industrial cannabis varieties were finally selected.

On the spaceship, Space One industrial marijuana has experienced high-vacuum, microgravity, high-energy particle radiation, geomagnetic field alteration and other special beads in the space mutagenesis environment, in order to develop beneficial mutations and cultivate better genes. The new varieties of industrial hemp seeds laid the foundation for high yield hemp products.

The Space No. 1 industrial hemp plant is short and strong, with a plant height of about 1.5 meters and a plant diameter of about 2 meters. The multi-branched and multi-flower buds have strong differentiation ability, short branches and multi-flower heads, strong seeding ability, strong fiber toughness and resistance. Due to the strong insect resistance, the Space No. 1 industrial hemp plan is suitable for growth in a variety of harsh environments, high yield of flowers and leaves, the seeds contain a large amount of protein and linoleic acid, anti-lodging strong rooting.


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