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One of Johns Hopkins University First Female Scientists

Raise Money to Support the Battle Against Diseases, Cancers and Viruses with FDA-Approved Botanical Drugs

Help raise urgently needed funds for the battle against and share the message about the lifesaving work the American Botanical Drug Association provides. Even if you’ve never raised money, you can succeed as an American Botanical Drug Association fundraiser. Fundraising isn’t just about collecting money; it also entails effectively communicating why the donations are needed. If you have good communication skills or want to improve in that area, volunteering for a fundraising position might be a good fit for you. We provide communication tips and tools to make raising money easy and fun. Depending on your volunteer activity, you could receive information on creative fundraising ideas, e-cards, social media messages, emails for you to share, and even your personalized fundraising webpage.

Fundraising opportunities are often available in the following programs and events:

· A

· B

· C

· D

At the American Botanical Drug Association, we offer numerous ways for volunteers to join us in the combat against diseases, cancers, and viruses with FDA-approved botanical drugs. Sign-up to volunteer with the American Botanical Drug Association and help us finish that battle.

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