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One of Johns Hopkins University First Female Scientists

Helping can be as easy as clicking ‘send.’

Enjoy using a computer or sharing information on social media. Being a virtual volunteer may be a good fit for you. You would use your online and social media skills in this volunteer area to share important information and provide fundraising support. Volunteer duties in this area can range from emailing your state legislature to help make botanical discovery a national priority to participating in virtual events.

Online volunteer opportunities are often available in the following programs:

· A

· B

· C

· D

In addition, be sure to consider volunteering for our Community Events which all have online and social sharing opportunities. At the American Botanical Drug Association, we offer numerous ways for volunteers to join us in the combat against diseases, cancers, and viruses with FDA-approved botanical drugs. Sign-up to volunteer with the American Botanical Drug Association and help us finish that battle.

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