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One of Johns Hopkins University First Female Scientists

Help raise FDA Approved Botanical Drugs vs. Disease, Cancers, and Viruses – battling funds.

Engage your organization and encourage your employees or members to impact the combat of disease, cancer, and viruses by becoming American Botanical Drug Association (ABDA) volunteers. We have nationwide volunteer opportunities and a presence in local communities nationwide. Highlight your dedication to the community, attract customers, engage clients, and show your commitment to combat diseases, viruses, and cancers with botanical drugs. Sign up, and someone from the American Botanical Drug Association will contact you to discuss volunteer opportunities that are best for your employees or members.


Nationwide opportunities are available.

Time Commitment

  • Time commitment will vary depending on the American Botanical Drug Association program or event you select.

  • Local staff can help your company or organization find volunteer opportunities that fit your schedule.

Required Training

Information on training specific to the event or program you align with will be provided by local staff.


You may choose specific volunteer programs or events that align with your organizational interests. As a strategic collaborator with the American Botanical Drug Association, you can:

  • Increase your organization’s visibility.

  • Build positive relations in the community.

  • Develop employee or member connectivity.

  • Boost satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Many of our volunteer positions offer free training. They are great ways to allow your employees or members to learn new skills and develop contacts and relationships. All while making a difference in the combat against diseases, viruses, and cancers with Botanical Drugs.

Volunteer Positions and Responsibilities

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities for your employees to select. They range from administrative support to community events and fundraising so that each employee can select the volunteer position that fits their interests.

Additional Requirements

Sign-up to volunteer and someone from the American Botanical Drug Association will contact you to discuss the best opportunities for your employees and organizations. Contact for next steps.


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