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Who We Are?

The American Botanical Drug Association (ABDA) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization. ABDA’s mission is to champion the advancement of natural herbal formulations into prescription medicines as US FDA-approved Botanical Drugs:

  • Increase public awareness of botanical drugs

  • Increase options in the healthcare system

  • Facilitate the formation of healthcare policies

  • Serve as a platform for dialogue and collaboration between government agencies, private entities, and academics, by means of conferences and meetings

  • Promote collaboration between the pharmaceutical and botanical industries

  • Establish international standards for botanical drugs and their medical usage​

Using currently available modern scientific data, and existing evidence of efficacy in markets outsides the US, ABDA has developed partnerships with botanical research institutes around the world for the purpose of botanical drug development. ABDA and Research Institutes work through a series of steps to bring herbal medicines into the US prescription market:

  • identify promising herbal formulas in areas of oncology, diabetics, and infectious diseases including COVID

  • produce in vitro, in vivo, PK, PD, and HPLC data

  • conduct US FDA regulatory IND applications

Our vision is to evolve safe and effective botanical products into prescription botanical drugs through the FDA’s botanical drug development pathway.


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