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A public known TCM formula opens phase 1 enrollment for US FDA botanical drug IND

In 2020, a joined force by UCLA, USC, UCSD was formed to develop scientific data on a well-known Chinese herbal medicine formula, Qing Fei Pai Du Tang, for the indication of Covid-19 through the US FDA botanical drug development guidance for industry.

The collaboration model is have the research labs at the universities to develop pre-clinical data. Then the research team applied for NIH or government funding, to support FDA IND application and clinical trials.

Recently, the project was advanced to US FDA IND phase 1 trial and is open for enrollment.

ABDA has access to over 50k+ TCM herbal formulas for all kinds of conditions. Some of them are effective. Selecting those effective TCM formulas already known and generate data and apply for FDA botanical drug IND is the most efficient drug development pathway.

We look for partnership to form collaborative relationship to co-develop some of the TCM formulas in the areas of oncology, diabetics, and anti-infection.


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