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Leadership Team

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David Allen, PhD



Dr. Allen has extensive experience in botanical research, management, product development, regulatory affairs, sales, and marketing. He was a publisher for a national wellness-oriented magazine, is one of the founders of a health product company, and is working with nutraceutical, functional food, and herbal companies in Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, England, Poland, Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and China.


His focus is on botanical API and dietary supplements, and their potential for botanical drug development.

Regional representatives

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   Francis Hadji-Minaglou, PhD

     SVP for France

     BotaniCERT is an analytic center specialized in botanical product identification and quality control. The identification process utilizes botanical identification (organoleptics, macroscopy and microscopy) and phytochemical identification (HPTLC, UHPLC, GC). Over years, The Center accumulated rich data and images that serve as the standards for identification and quality control.

Dr. Hadji-Minaglou is the founder and president of the Center. He is a greatly known botany and phytotherapy expert in France. He received his Pharmacy PhD degree from Marseille University. Scientific author, he has 30+ years of experience in toxicology, ethnobotany, pharmacology and pharmacognosis.


     At ABDA, Dr. Hadji-Minaglou serves as SVP for France. Through this role, he represents ABDA presence in France to connect the French botanical product research and industry community with ABDA. For botanical product projects on the ABDA network, BotaniCERT will provide botanical product identification service and offer solutions for manufacturing quality control.

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