Leadership Team

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David Allen, PhD

President & Director


Dr. Allen has extensive experience in botanical research, management, product development, regulatory affairs, sales, and marketing. Dr. Allen was a publisher of a national wellness oriented magazine. Dr. Allen is one of the founders of a health product company, and is working with nutraceutical, functional food, and herbal companies in Sweden, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, England, Poland, Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China. His focus is on botanical API and dietary supplement, and their potentials for botanical drug development.

Regional representatives

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André Boulet, PhD

SVP of Canada


Dr André Boulet, a seasoned entrepreneur with a vast experience in drug development, regulatory affairs, market access, financing and restructuring in the pharmaceutical and biotech fields, is appointed SVP of Canada Affairs of ABDA. Since 2005, he raised more than $50M in private/public equity, completed phase 1 and phase 2 ulcerative colitis clinical program for the company`s flagship product Thykamine™ an anti-inflammatory drug developed under the Botanical Drug Regulation. A phase 2 clinical trial in Atopic Dermatitis should be completed by the end of 2020. Prior to this endeavour, he was a managing partner of SIPAR’s biotech unit, a $400M private investment firm and a partner at BioCapital III LP prior.

Dr. André Boulet is currently the President of Devonian Health Group, a leading botanical drug corporation in Canada. http://groupedevonian.com/


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Community & Education Program

Program Director, Maha Haq, MS Candidate


The Community & Education Program at ABDA is an education and outreaching initiative led by Maha Haq. In this Director role, Maha leads the outreach to young people with interest in botanical product research and development. The CE program organizes training and seminars from time to time.

Maha is current a full-time MS student of Pharmacological Sciences. Maha founded the CannaClub at UCLA and helped to expend the club to 20 universities.