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Alex Semprini, PhD
SVP, New Zealand
Dr. Semprini stands at the forefront of medical research, embodying a commitment to innovation, accessibility, and the advancement of botanical drug development. Serving as the Deputy Director of the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand, his influence extends across academia, research methodology, and the exploration of indigenous New Zealand medicinal plants.

An esteemed academic, Dr. Semprini holds adjunct Professor positions at Victoria University of Wellington and is an Adjunct Fellow at Western Sydney University. His academic journey has been marked by a focus on asthma, green biotechnology, medical devices, and research methodology, reflecting a multidisciplinary approach to advancing healthcare practices.

Dr. Semprini's visionary leadership is particularly evident in his role as the founder of the Pharmacy Research Network. This consortium, comprising over 80 community pharmacies, is a testament to his commitment to accessible and cost-effective research within the natural products sector. Through this initiative, he has pioneered randomized controlled trials, providing valuable insights into the efficacy of indigenous New Zealand medicinal plants such as kānuka honey, kānuka, and mānuka oil-based topicals.

Within the American Botanical Drug Association (ABDA), Dr. Semprini plays a pivotal role in expanding the clinical network and fostering collaborations with university laboratories. His objective is to bolster research and development capabilities for botanical drug development in New Zealand, showcasing his dedication to bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Dr. Semprini's specific focus on indigenous New Zealand medicinal plants aligns with a broader movement toward harnessing the potential of natural resources for therapeutic purposes. His endeavors in randomized trials contribute not only to the scientific understanding of these botanicals but also to the development of evidence-based practices in healthcare.

As a visionary leader, Dr. Semprini's impact extends beyond the laboratory and into the collaborative networks shaping the future of botanical drug development. His commitment to expanding research capabilities and fostering collaborations serves as a catalyst for advancements that have the potential to transform healthcare practices, not only in New Zealand but on a global scale.
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