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David Allen, PhD
President & CEO
Dr. Allen stands at the forefront of botanical research and development, boasting a comprehensive portfolio of expertise that spans various facets of the industry. With a distinguished career marked by accomplishments in management, product development, regulatory affairs, sales, and marketing, Dr. Allen has carved a niche for himself as a dynamic force in the field.

His journey in the health and wellness sector took an influential turn when he assumed the role of a publisher for a nationally recognized wellness-oriented magazine. In this capacity, Dr. Allen not only disseminated valuable information to a wide audience but also gained insights into the intricate web of health-related industries.

Co-founding a health product company marked a pivotal milestone in Dr. Allen's career, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to advancing the health and wellness landscape. His contributions to the growth and success of the company underscored his ability to navigate the complex intersection of science, business, and consumer needs.

Dr. Allen's professional footprint extends globally, encompassing collaborations with nutraceutical, functional food, and herbal enterprises in a multitude of countries. From the serene landscapes of Sweden to the bustling markets of China, he has brought his expertise to bear on a diverse range of projects. His international engagements include partnerships with enterprises in Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, England, Poland, Canada, France, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and beyond.

At the heart of Dr. Allen's work is a dedication to advancing the field of botanical drug development. His primary focus revolves around botanical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and dietary supplements. Driven by a keen understanding of the immense potential held by these components, he explores innovative avenues for their application in the development of botanical drugs.

Dr. Allen's multifaceted approach to the industry, coupled with his global perspective and deep-rooted expertise, positions him as a thought leader and catalyst for advancements in the realm of botanical research. His commitment to the intersection of science and wellness reflects a passion for contributing to the betterment of health on a global scale.
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