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Joerg Gruenwald, PhD
SVP, German
Dr. Gruenwald stands as a pioneering figure in the field of health product consulting, with a distinguished career marked by significant contributions to the acquisition of permits and licenses for over 300 botanical products in Germany and the European Union. As the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of a Berlin-based health product consulting firm, Dr. Gruenwald's impact extends far beyond the laboratory, shaping the landscape of botanical products in the regulatory arena.

With an impressive two decades of experience, Dr. Gruenwald's expertise lies at the intersection of science, regulation, and botanical medicine. His prolific career as an author and editor is a testament to his commitment to advancing knowledge in the field. Notably, he has contributed to 13 books, including authoritative works such as the "Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) for Herbal Medicines," "Plant-Based Ingredients for Functional Foods," and "Grüne Apotheke." His co-editorship of the American Botanical Council's "The Complete German Commission E Monographs" further solidifies his role as a leading authority in botanical science.

Dr. Gruenwald's influence extends to the international stage, where he has played significant roles in esteemed organizations. His tenure as an Expert Committee Member for Botanical Dietary Supplements and Herbal Medicines at the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) from 2015 to 2020 underscores his commitment to global regulatory standards. Currently holding the position of Vice Chair of the USP Admission Evaluation Joint Subcommittee, Dr. Gruenwald continues to contribute to the advancement of standards in botanical medicine.

As a Board Member of the American Botanical Council (ABC), Dr. Gruenwald further solidifies his commitment to fostering excellence in botanical education and research. His role as an editor and editorial board member for seven scientific journals, including "Phytomedicine," underscores his dedication to the dissemination of cutting-edge research and advancements in botanical science.

Dr. Gruenwald's multifaceted contributions, spanning consulting, regulation, and academia, position him as a visionary leader in the dynamic field of health products and botanical medicine. His commitment to excellence, regulatory integrity, and advancing the understanding of botanicals sets a standard for the industry, making him a key influencer and advocate for the integration of botanicals into modern healthcare practices.
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