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Francis Hadji-Minaglou, PhD
SVP, France
At the forefront of botanical product identification and quality control stands BotaniCERT, a specialized analytic center that has become synonymous with excellence in the field. The driving force behind this esteemed institution is Dr. Hadji-Minaglou, a distinguished figure and renowned expert in botany and phytotherapy in France.

As the founder and president of BotaniCERT, Dr. Hadji-Minaglou has cultivated a legacy of expertise and innovation. Armed with a Pharmacy Ph.D. from Marseille University and over 30 years of immersive experience, he has become a leading authority in toxicology, ethnobotany, pharmacology, and pharmacognosy. His academic prowess and commitment to advancing botanical sciences have positioned him as a trailblazer in the realm of herbal medicine.

The core strength of BotaniCERT lies in its meticulous identification processes, combining botanical methods such as organoleptics, macroscopy, and microscopy with advanced phytochemical identification techniques like HPTLC, UHPLC, and GC. Over the years, the center has amassed a wealth of data and images that serve as the gold standard for botanical product identification and quality control.

Within the American Botanical Drug Association (ABDA), Dr. Hadji-Minaglou extends his influence as the Senior Vice President for France. In this strategic role, he serves as a vital bridge, connecting the vibrant French botanical product research and industry community with the broader initiatives of ABDA. His role is pivotal in facilitating collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the integration of French expertise into the global botanical research landscape.

Beyond his leadership at BotaniCERT and contributions to ABDA, Dr. Hadji-Minaglou plays a crucial role in offering botanical product identification and manufacturing quality control services for ABDA network projects. His commitment to maintaining high standards in botanical research and industry practices resonates in every aspect of his work, contributing to the integrity and reliability of botanical products in the market.

Dr. Hadji-Minaglou's visionary leadership, coupled with his extensive experience and dedication to botanical quality control, has left an indelible mark on the field. His legacy extends beyond the walls of BotaniCERT and reaches into the collaborative networks of ABDA, where his role as a connector and advocate for botanical excellence continues to shape the trajectory of herbal medicine research and industry practices.
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