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Maye Musk Inspires at a Hong Kong Entrepreneur Event

Hong Kong, December 11, 2023 - Maye Musk, the renowned model, dietitian, and mother of entrepreneur Elon Musk, added star power to a high-profile entrepreneur gathering at Hong Kong's Regent Hotel. The event, attended by around 500 of China's top live-streaming e-commerce influencers, was centered on the launch of an innovative health product. Musk, known for her advocacy of healthy living and wellness, lent her support and charm to the occasion, enhancing its glamour.

The attendees, eager to learn from Musk's experiences, gathered insights into her life story and the principles behind her success. Musk shared her journey, emphasizing the importance of entrepreneurship and persistence in realizing one's goals. Her involvement brought a unique blend of personal narrative and business acumen to the event, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Adding to the event's significance, representatives from the American Botanical Drug Association were present to observe the proceedings.


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