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Jurong Yu
Partner, Botanical Product International Fund
With over 13 years of illustrious tenure as a Senior Partner at Zero2IPO Group, Jurong Yu has been a pivotal figure in the realm of healthcare investment and consulting. Under her leadership at the Zero2IPO Capital Department, Yu has spearheaded a team that’s not only adept in providing top-notch consulting services but has also played a crucial role in the investment landscape.

As the head of the healthcare team, Yu’s vision and expertise have enabled the team to offer consulting services to more than 100 companies. Her strategic approach in deep investment adjustment has been instrumental in facilitating the IPO, M&A, and reorganization of nearly 10 companies, showcasing her proficiency in navigating complex financial landscapes and business restructuring.

Yu's portfolio includes leading projects such as:
* Goodwill CIS (688246.SH)
* Kyoto Children's Hospital (M&A)
* Hope Group
* Hanxi Medical
* Deyi Sunshine
* Suzhou Museum Medical
* Ming Yi Zhonghe
* Yibai Science and Technology
* Chinese Angelica Medicine
* Dekai Medicine
* Mykino
* Jing Jun Medical
* Tian Guangshi
* Ansong Science and Technology
* Meritech Sansheng
* Yi Ti Kang

These projects reflect his diverse expertise and successful ventures across various facets of the healthcare sector.

Jurong Yu’s journey at Zero2IPO Group is marked by her relentless pursuit of excellence and an unyielding commitment to shaping the future of healthcare investment. Her foresight and strategic acumen have not only yielded substantial growth for the companies she has worked with but also contributed significantly to the evolution of the healthcare investment sector. Her vision for a digitally transformed, innovative healthcare industry continues to inspire and lead the way in capital and industry collaboration.
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